Mentoring for Entrepreneurs

Develop and Expand

Mentoring is an attractive option for entrepreneurs who want to be accompanied in a personal way.

A beneficial service

Promotion Saguenay offers a mentoring service to entrepreneurs. The purpose of this service is to accelerate the entrepreneurs’ development to increase the rate of survival and to support the growth of their company.

This type of accompaniment is very beneficial for the entrepreneurs, as much for those who are starting their company, those who are in expansion and for those in business acquisition.

We're affiliated with Réseau M, a community of interest who deploy the entrepreneur mentoring service throughout Québec and elsewhere in Francophonie.


Mentor portrait

The Réseau Mentorat mentor is a qualified, experienced and trained entrepreneur who voluntarily accompanies another entrepreneur systematically on a regular basis over a longer or shorter period of time. They break down the isolation barrier, provides support, listens and encourages.

Mentoring for entrepreneurs initially concentrates on the individual, on the entrepreneurs’ know-how. It enables them to increase their development as an entrepreneur, while allowing them to take a step back to better evaluate their options and make their own decisions.

It also allows the entrepreneur to evolve in a strictly confidential relationship, without conflict of interest or judgement (code of ethics, rules and development that encompass the entrepreneurs' mentoring practice).

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