Complete services for business people

Promotion Saguenay is able to accompany you throughout all stages of your company's development with a complete range of services. 

Information sessions for future entrepreneurs

Are you looking to launch into the business world? Promotion Saguenay offers the "ABC's of business start-up" information sessions to all interested parties.

It's hosted by one of the economic development advisers and is free of charge.

The topics are listed below:

  • The various stages to overcome before starting a business;
  • Evaluation of your situation;
  • Awareness of the important steps to achieve before starting your business;
  • The various free services offered by the Business Services department;
  • Characteristics of an effective entrepreneur;
  • The life changing experience of becoming an entrepreneur;
  • Evaluation of your company potential (market potential, target clients, competition, etc.);
  • Business plan.

You'll have the chance to be accompanied by one by our economic development advisers after this meeting, which is free of charge during your project development.

Interested in signing up?

Write to us or call us at 418-698-3157.


Consulting service

Our team is also available to accompany you throughout the various stages in regards to business start-up, acquisition, establishment or expansion.

Are you experiencing difficulty with your company budget, business plan or another issue? Take advantage of our free technical support. 

Business START-UP
  • Business plan development;
  • Profitability and/or feasibility study;
  • Evaluation of the market potential;
  • Developing financial arrangements and research for financing.
  • Completing the development plan;
  • Research for financing.
  • Acquisition or transition plan;
  • Research for financing.
  • Assistance with relocating
  • Search for buildings and/or land
  • Zoning
  • Annual average daily traffic (AADT)
  • Commercial canvassing
  • Property characterization

*Technical assistance available to sponsors, regardless of whether or not if they're eligible for one of our financial assistance programs.