A niche of excellence in northern agriculture, experienced producers and a unique climate: the region shines in the food industry.

The region of a thousand flavours

Agriculture is synonymous with Saguenay-Lac-Saint-Jean. Its 137,000 hectares of farmland, a niche of excellence in northern agriculture and skilled producers provide the region with a unique place in the industry due to its geographical position within the boreal zone.

 Products transformed in the region have an excellent reputation not only locally, but also with major food distributors and tourists.

Historically, blueberry harvesting is the most original activity when compared to the more traditional productions of dairy products and cheese, in addition to potatoes and various types of meats.

Niche of excellence in boreal agriculture

The combination of the cool climate, isolated geographic location and the know-how of the people distinguish the Saguenay-Lac-Saint-Jean region. These factors have increased the overall quality of agricultural production (fewer pests, less pesticide, increased nutritional and nutraceutical properties for many different products).

These factors, combined with a collaborative body, in addition to many organizations in innovation and agrifood research, contribute to making the region shine in this niche. Over 110 businesses in product transformation are indexed.

An overview of the agrifood industry in Saguenay...

  • The agrifood industry employs over 16,600 people region-wide.
  • Saguenay shows a marked preference for organic foods and local products.
  • Several regional cheese makers offer a range of fine cheeses, most of which can be found across the province.
  • The regional industry relies on a competent labour force, training centres, and public services in support of research and development.

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