Economic Statistics

Saguenay Statistics

Saguenay's statistical summary:
  • Population in 2017: 145,400;
  • Surface area: 1,128,56 km2;
  • For rentals or purchase:  Average rental cost:  $587/month (2016) and for a home: $182,797 (2016) - accessible prices compared to other cities of similar size in Québec.

 On the commercial level:

  • Over 3,000 businesses, services and business places established in Saguenay;
  • Our city has 5 downtown areas;
  • Largest commercial hub in northeastern Québec.

Due to our Business Services department*:

  • 349 jobs created or maintained via our services;
  • $34,363,308 of investments generated within the framework of projects with financial support;
  • An average of $505,343 in investments generated by technical and financially supported projects.

*Data gathered in 2017.

 Large-scale employers:

  • Rio Tinto: 3,500 jobs in Saguenay
  • 30,000 direct, indirect and induced jobs in aluminium

 In regards to the industrial sector:

  • 18.7% of the GDP from transformation and manufacturing;
  • 20% of Québec-based timber exploitation in the region;
  • 16,723 hectares in the food processing industry;
  • Expertise in hydroelectricity: One of the only two cities in Québec to own dams over waterways.