Development of Québec's north

Entrepreneurs and investors who plan to take advantage of the northern Québec expansion, will find everything they need to guarantee their success in our city. 

The strenght of Saguenay

Saguenay is the 7th largest city in Québec in terms of population. Its economy is now diversified and dynamic due to aluminum production and the logging industry. This factor helps to increase regional development by stimulating the confidence of investors in the location.

The exploitation of Northern Québec can now be added to the existing advantages related to the different sectors in Saguenay's evolution. Saguenay is a first-rate geographical location when compared to any other city due to exploitation, paired with the infrastructure established over past decades to take advantage of the vast territory's hydroelectric potential.

The turntable toward the North!

Saguenay offers major infrastructures to facilitate access to northern regions. In fact, the city is positioned as the window to the Plan du Nord. It offers a complete range of many different services to investors and entrepreneurs.

  • Facilities are open 365 days per year offering direct access to the St. Lawrence seaway and the North American rail network;
  • Roads that are modern and safe;
  • An airport with two landing strips
  • A rail network that connects to the North-American network
  • Solid infrastructure in regards to health (university hospital) and education (a university and technical colleges).
  • Numerous professionals and an extensive labour force;
  • OEM expertise.

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